Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of training do Brembo employees undergo?

    As soon as they join the company, Brembo employees attend training courses to develop technical, professional and managerial skills. Ad hoc training is possible for certain groups of professionals or businesses or geographic areas, based on career development requirements and the evolution of corporate strategies in terms of business and organisation.
    For employees who need it, there are on-line courses for self-development of specific skills designed to improve efficiency in their everyday work activities (e.g. learning foreign languages or how to make presentations and organise meetings).

  • How are careers structured at Brembo?

    Following an initial training period and role consolidation, newcomers develop professionally, both vertically and horizontally (in the different Divisions, Business Units and Central Managements), and in view of mobility based on the results achieved in the role covered and their career development potential.

  • What is the environment at Brembo like?

    The environment in Brembo is fresh and dynamic reflecting the company’s principles. Ethics, focus on high quality products and services, a sense of belonging, development of human resources and a proactive approach are the main factors that contribute successfully to the company atmosphere.

  • What are the main job opportunities?

    Brembo offers unique opportunities for employment and growth, particularly for those with a degree in mechanical engineering, business management, economics and languages (even at their first job experience), who are interested in developing their skills in an innovative, technologically advanced and rapidly growing sector.
    Positions most frequently offered:
    - Designers: product design and engineering;
    - Test engineers: bench and road testing of prototypes and products, data analysis;
    - Project engineers: product management from design to prototyping;
    - Process engineers: development of foundry processes, machining and assembly;
    -Buyers: purchase of mechanical components at a worldwide level;
    -Controllers: control of business unit or production plant management;
    -Platform assistants: support for the R&D team in relations with the customer.

  • What degrees are in greatest demand?
    Mechanical Engineering, Business Engineering, Economics, Foreign Languages and Literature. A good knowledge of English is mandatory at all levels.
  • Are educational internships available?

    It is certainly possible to get internships with Brembo. Internships can be arranged in all areas for undergraduates and preparation of degree dissertations. If you are interested in such an internship, specify your availability in the specific format area (see below).

  • What is the average duration of internships?

    Duration depends on the project involved, but it is generally at least 6 months.​

  • What is the selection procedure?
    First, the curriculum vitae is evaluated: education, length of education, knowledge of foreign languages,  internship and training courses. Suitable candidates are called for a preliminary interview at the Human Resources Department, followed by a technical interview with a head of department. The whole process takes about 40 days from the first contact.
  • How can I apply?

    Refer to "Job Opportunities" under Human Resources on our website (Errore. Riferimento a collegamento ipertestuale non valido.). Here you can apply for any of the vacant posts available, or you can enter your details and attach your curriculum vitae, specifying the posts you are most interested in (up to 3).
    The system issues a password and a user ID that can be used to modify, update or erase your data.

  • Once hired, can I change roles within the company?

    All vacant posts in Italy and abroad are published on the company website. Anyone interested can apply. Candidates possessing the basic requisites are called for a personal interview at the Human Resources Department.

  • What facilities are available for a Brembo employee?

    Brembo provides various facilities for employees, which vary from country to country. Besides a company canteen service, employees can benefit from extremely advantageous conditions connected with the purchase of products and services in various categories: banking and insurance, purchase of cars and motorcycles, restaurants and numerous types of consumer products. Brembo also offers study grants for working students and employees’ children. We do all this for our employees as we consider them an invaluable asset.​

  • How does communication between employees and the company take place?

    Transparency is one of the keywords in Brembo. This is why the company encourages the clear exchange of ideas as much as possible. Brembo feels that everyone has a certain amount of knowledge to share with others and everyone must have the opportunity to learn something new.
    The company’s in-house newsletter, MyBrembo, which is printed in five languages and distributed in all of the Group’s plants and offices, keeps collaborators up to date with the strategies, products, events and people in the Group. The intranet network is also accessible to personnel working in the production departments, where computer terminals are stationed. It provides information and services and enables all employees to share information. In addition to these, communication campaigns are made on specific topics concerning all the member companies or specific contexts.

  • How does Brembo measure employee satisfaction?

    Brembo attributes considerable importance to the opinions and experience of its employees, and considers the ability to listen an invaluable asset. Every two years, Brembo carries out a group-wide survey of the corporate climate in order to an employee satisfaction survey within the entire Group in order to identify strengths and areas requiring improvement.
    The questionnaire allows all employees to express their own opinions and make comments on major issues such as job satisfaction, the style of management, the corporate image and values, strategic objectives, Brembo’s evolution and future.
    The survey is carried out with support from an independent company, and anonymity is guaranteed. All employees are informed of the results of the survey and an action plan is developed, aimed at further improving the entire organisation.


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