The Group Brands
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The Group Brands

​Brembo is the proprietor of the Brembo, Breco, Bybre, Marchesini and Sabelt brands and also sells products under the AP Racing brand.



Brembo is the leading brand in design and manufacturing of braking systems for high performance cars and motorcycles, both street and competition, as well as commercial vehicles. Performance, Comfort and Design are the values which distinguish the brand and make Brembo products the most prestigious braking systems and components in the world.

Brembo Racing

This is the brand that represents Brembo in the racing market and sets apart all the Brembo products oriented toward the world of car and motorcycle racing. Brembo Racing offers a complete range of products dedicated to Racing and designed to provide maximum performance in the most extreme conditions used by the best teams in the most important F1, Indy Car, NASCAR, Rally, MotoGP, Superbike, Enduro and Cross Championships.​

AP Racing
AP Racing is the leading brand in the race car and motorcycle brake and clutch market. AP Racing products represent the technological state of the art and are designed, manufactured and assembled for the world's most important Formula 1, GT, Touring Car and Rally teams. 

Marchesini is the leading brand in the design, production and commercialisation of light alloy wheels for racing and street motorcycles.​


Sabelt is the leading brand in the passive safety equipment market. The brand encompasses accessories and components for the automotive industry, including seat belts, seats, footwear and garments for motorsports applications, seats for the OE market and restraint systems for infants.​


ByBre                                                                                  ByBre - ByBre - an abbreviation of “By Brembo” - is a brand dedicated entirely to braking systems for small-to-mid engine size (up to 600 cc) scooters and motorcycles for the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other countries in South East Asia (ASEAN).​




AP represents a brand of excellence in the global market of braking systems for cars, synonymous with a long history of the highest levels of quality and performance. In its corporate research and development activity under the AP brand it constantly pursues the goal of realising an aftermarket product which is superior in quality and performance, also taking advantage of its vast experience and success in the extreme field of competitive sport.



Breco is a brand in the Brembo group dedicated to aftermarket sales of discs and drums. All of the Breco products are designed and built to satisfy the strictest specifications required by major vehicle manufacturers and to obtain the most severe international certifications. Breco discs are certified as original or equivalent to the original product.