Professionals deserve Brembo quality

Brembo, the European leader in the design and manufacture of braking systems for major commercial vehicle manufacturers, understands the crucial role that brakes play in safety for heavy vehicles for goods and passenger transport applications.
From the engineering stage to the choice of materials, and from the mechanical production process to direct and comparative testing, Brembo's expertise is the result of the brand's many years of experience and collaboration with Europe's leading constructors.
This is because the brake disc is not only fundamental for safety, but it is also a major factor in your efficiency and profitability. Proper braking system maintenance and appropriate driving behaviour are equally important in ensuring excellent performance from your brakes at all times.



A comprehensive range of aftermarket products makes ​​Brembo technology accessible to every workshop.

Quality and services

Brembo Start of deleted contentAftermarket offers a suite of services to support all professionals in the sector.

Car Replacements

Brembo also offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for cars.